Over 20 years experience of making stuff work in games!

Who Am I?

I am Andy Debus...

A Games Art generalist that has spent over 22 years making games across most platforms from PSX, GBA, PC to PS3, XBOX 360 and now mobile.

After 15 years as full timer I decided to go Freelance and over 7 years on I’m still producing quality game art for companies big and small that need a bit of extra help to get their projects finished.

How Can I Help?

Game Ready Assets/Artwork

I’ve worked for some small indie studios this year ‘Borne Games‘, ‘Altered Gene‘ and ‘RagTag Developments‘ on ‘Super Fancy Pants Adventure’ (out on Steam), ‘Redzone Runner’ (TIGA Games Industry Awards Finalist) and another, as yet unreleased, iOS title respectively.

Across these projects I have created 2D vector landscapes, 2D / 3D assets for UI and in-game and 2D UI assets. Examples of this work will be added to my portfolio section shortly. I have also spent my spare time creating low poly models to keep my hand in and for my own enjoyment.

Now I am on the lookout for my next indie adventure!

+44 7771 864811


Latest News

From Pixeldad Studio

  • Oct 5, 2017

    Back at Northampton University

    The start of a new academic year is upon us and I am at the University of Northampton again where I am a part time lecturer on the Game Art degree course. After mentoring FMP students and running the Technical Art module last term, I am helping the students with their Professional Practice this time […]

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Big thanks to everyone I've worked with over the last few years !

HotGen have worked with Andy on many occasions and the results have always been great.

Terry Haynes
Managing Director at Hotgen

On the projects that I worked with him, the assets produced looked good and came within the provided budgets.

Andrew Paul
Senior Programmer at SEGA Hardlight Studio

I would not hesitate to hire Andy on future projects.

Sarah Eagles
Senior Marketing Specialist at Symphony EYC GOLD Solutions

His knowledge and experience were invaluable and his contributions improved the products visuals enormously.

Simon Benge
Lead Technical Artist at Exient Ltd

Andy’s essential for any game’s Art Team. If you don’t have a PixelDad on board, you just don’t have a team.

Mak Software Studio