The Red Baron - Fokker DR.1 1917

A new personal project to create some low poly models

I wanted to build some low poly models with a theme and make it a bit fun so I came up with a stylized version of the famous Red Baron plane from WW1.

I created it initially with all the correct proportions then changed them. This was mainly by shortening the length of the plane and then oversizing the pilot to give the model a more toy like feel. I also removed the smoothing groups to show off the actual polys.

Starting with simple colour textures I added some small details with a normal map created in Quixel. After that I decided to add some Ambient Occlusion to the texture just to make the model look a bit more solid. I looked at going all PBR and adding more painted on detail but in the end thought it would take away from the models simplistic look.

I also built an adversary for him in the Sopwith Camel, complete with moustachiode and scarfed pilot, which is shown below. It is also on sketchfab to download along with the Red Baron.

Red Braron wireframe
Red Baron - full colour