Sega Rally (Revo)

Remake of the original Sega Rally for the PS3, XBox360 and PC

I joined the Sega Racing Studio towards the end of production on Sega Rally ( ‘Revo’ in the US) to help create some of the environments. I was responsible for the Tropical tracks along with another artist. The game looked pretty good and played really well but for some reason it slipped under the radar (see this article)and poor sales led to the closure of the studio.

Sega Rally Tropical 1screen3


My Role

My brief from the Lead Artist was to take on the Tropical tracks starting with Track 1. It had already been in production but needed to be running at a better framerate. I re-worked the ground textures and changed the placement of objects and foliage instances.

Then I moved on to Tropical 2. Another artist created the main landscape meshes and I worked on the environment composition using his models, pre-made assets from an outsource company and some of my own.  Again I created the ground textures and worked on the lighting.

Sega Rally Tropical2 screen3
Sega Rally Tropical2 screen2


My Role

As you would expect next came Tropical 3. The same process as 2 where we started with a track ribbon and a concept for the style of the landscape, in this case it was to be racing through tiered paddy fields and the lighting was more towards the end of the day.

Each track was set at a different time of day so we had a range of lighting, Tropical 1 – early morning, Tropical 2 – around midday and as I mentioned Tropical 3 was early evening.

I also spent some time working on one of the desert tracks due to another artist being ill. Another part of my brief was to build the start/ finish lines for each of the regions in the game.

This was a great project to work on with a talented team of developers so it was a real shame it didn’t do as well as we had hoped.

Sega Rally Tropical 3