Sonic Dash 2 : Sonic Boom

Track obstacles and environment assets for new content

On ‘Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom’, I was brought in to create level content for a new update of the game. Working with an in house artist we built the ‘Mountain’ level which was released into the game earlier this year.

The assets and environment had to fit with the Sonic Boom style but offer something different to the game and as always had to be approved by Sonic Team in Japan.


My Role

My first brief from the Lead Artist at Hardlight was to tidy up some existing models for a level that was soon to be released into the game then I moved on to build and texture track objects to match concept art prepared for a new level that would be released later.

These objects were then added to the environment started by another artist which I then carried on with, tidying up, creating LOD’s, testing and setting up the assets in Unity ready to go in game.