World Ship Simulator

Two in-game models of luxury boats

The Luxury Yacht and Catamaran were commisioned by Excalibur Publishing originally as downloadable content for Euro Ship Simulator.

Unfortunately at the time they never made it into the game but now the new version ‘World Ship Simulator’  is available on Steam and the two boats are finally able to set sail.

Luxury Yacht Rear and Upper Deck


My Role

In the beginning my brief from the publisher was to build the two boats from some reference they provided, along with some extra I found myself, to be given to the developer for export into the game.

With the passing of time and a new developer for WSS, I was asked to re-work the boats to have PBR style materials so they could be exported to the new engine and also to test a MOD tool developed for players to submit their own ships to Steam.

Luxury Motor Yacht Rear View
Luxury Yacht Bow


The Models

There were some restrictions from the original developer regarding overall vert count and materials. With the re-work the materials were changed as they now had PBR qualities and this was all done in the MOD tool.

The models also have their interior bridge modelled which can be seen from one of the in-game cameras along with a basic interior.

Due to the nature of the materials used to build the real boats texturing was quite limited and mainly confined to the floor and the dials and equipment used on the bridge.

Luxury Catamaran Rear View
Luxury Catamaran Top Deck
Luxury Catamaran Rear Deck View Inside